Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Too hot to shop!

I decided to sleep in today. That was a mistake because I just woke up with a headache. Then I decided to go out and walk around in the garden to see if my headache would clear. It's baking hot out there! I managed to last about 5 minutes outside and then came back inside where it's cool.

I had planned to go out and do some shopping. But the thought of getting into a hot car is just too much. Maybe it will cool off a bit later. Or I'll just wait until night.

The good news is that last night we finally found a bedroom set. And it was on sale AND the price included delivery AND installation. So hopefully by Saturday (which is the earliest the shop can manage) I will have someplace to put my things and a bed to sleep in. Of course I'm not stupid... if the shop said Saturday that really means like maybe Monday. This is Libya after all and it is Ramadan. But OK.. I can be patient and wait.


  1. Hi Teri, did you plant you magnolia seeds in your new garden, in your spare time? LOL

    Glad you got new bedroom set, your fans are so happy for your long awaited new home....sounds like hubby has been staying out of trouble. Can't wait to see pics of the garden/grill area. Sandi

  2. Your house is beautiful!! Love your living room couch with the matching pillows. Can hardly believe you found such beautiful furniture in such a dysfunctional country!
    Let's have lots more pictures!!!

  3. Here we go
    Khadija and her problem with Libya again!!

  4. To Anonymous who said Dysfunctional and of course to Khadija

    No it is dysfunctional country but we have this someone who always spacing out about Libya !!

  5. you should be thankfull for having a libyan husband who work hard to build this nice place for you and your kids, if you were in the US you would be begging in the street

  6. Anonymous.... I wouldnt be begging in the streets in the US or anywhere. I am a resourceful person. And what makes you think that the house is all my husband's hard work? I have contributed lots and lots towards the building and furnishing of the house. Why do you think I work between 9 and 12 hours a day? It's because I want the house to be nice for my children. I'm doing it for them.

  7. Sandy i didn't plant the magnolia seeds yet... and the garden isn't ready. After Ramadan the outside of the house will be painted and the sod planted and more plants and trees put in. For now we are concentrating on the inside as that can be done during Ramadan.

  8. Khadjia,

    I am trying to know what is your problem about Libya ? you make sure to let the reader have a bad impression about it. Do you enjoy it?
    Read below please

    Anonymous said... Your house is beautiful!! Love your living room couch with the matching pillows. Can hardly believe you found such beautiful furniture in such a dysfunctional country! Let's have lots more pictures!!!

    You have no respect for your kids / husband and thier relative and we said that is ok, that is just you.
    You have no respect for your neighborhood, and we said ok that is just you

    Now you better show some respect for this country. as it is not for you only. it is for us as Libyan and foreign living here, or going to live here or planning for visit. Let them see this country by their own eyes.

    I read your blog from 2004 till now and I realize that you always have something bad against this country
    By saying it is all Libya!!!

  9. Good Work Khadija,

    Now would you be thankfully for this country which allowed you to experience this way of living
    ( Cash ) which saved you from credit the of living.

    Of course not you are just blind and will be blind.


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