Monday, August 03, 2009

The worst pain is toothache

I've been in agony the past few days with a toothache. One of my students told me that toothaches were listed as number two on the list of the threshold level for the worst pain. She said number one were labour pains. I disagree with that - I think toothache is the worst pain. Labour pains come and go - you can even time them, but toothache is just one continual hurt that doesn't stop until the problem is solved.

Of course my tooth started hurting on Thursday evening, and Friday the dentist was closed. On Saturday I went to the office at 9am... no one was there. I went back at noon and then again at 3 in the afternoon. Still no one was there. So we went to the farm for the afternoon. On the way home I stopped again at the dentist and found him there and made an appointment for the following morning. He gave me a prescription for pain medication that just made me ill when I took it.

Anyway I got my tooth sorted out yesterday and now I am on the mend. I'll finish the rest of my dental work during Ramadan.

I did manage to do some things at the house over the weekend and also to watch an interesting film called 'Arranged'. It's a cute movie about a Muslim girl and an Orthodox Jewish girl who work together as teachers in New York and become friends. It looks at the similarities and differences of two cultures. A nice family film.

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  1. I disagree, the worst pain is ear-ache! its throbbing, continuous, makes you completely non-functional and you get to learn the meaning of the phrase "temporary insanity"


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