Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shopping adventures

The house is starting to look like a home on the inside now. We're getting more furniture and furnishings and it takes time. There is the risk that you will get tired and settle for something you really wouldn't buy if you weren't tired. That's when it's time to quit for the day and go home.

We did get some really nice things. Today's haul was two mirrors - one we will hang next to the entry and the other in the vanity area of the main bathroom. And we also got a cabinet that is supposed to be a TV table but we're going to use it in the entry (under the mirror). I'll take a picture as soon as we hang the mirror.

Yesterday we got a coffee table for the entry. We need another for the ladies sitting room too, but the only one we saw that we liked didn't have matching side tables. So we'll keep looking. The bedroom furniture arrived today and will be assembled tomorrow. Not sure what time though. It's sitting in the hallway in a huge pile of boxes. There is still a long list of furniture we need... I'll be shopping for quite a while I think (and boring you with it all).

One really weird thing happened today. While I was waiting for furniture to be loaded into the truck a car drove up and stopped next to me. There were three small kids in the car (standing on the seats). The oldest was probably 3 or 4 years old. The guy that was driving was holding a speargun in his hand and he was checking to see if it was ready to use. And he looked very ANGRY too. He was gripping the gun in his hand and leaning out the window looking for someone or something. Then he sped off, driving erratically down the road, the kids falling over onto each other.

I rubbed my eyes and wondered if I had imagined what I had just seen. It was truly a 911 moment... if there was a way to call 911... which there isn't...... sigh...


  1. here you are

    Call 119 Next time
    save it you may need it

  2. Maybe the guy was really hungry (it is Ramadan after-all) and he decided that it was a good time to go spear fishing...

  3. Sounds like there is alot of house to many sq.feet is your home ?

  4. I've tried to call 119 in the past and no one has ever answered.

    about 3300 sq feet not counting the garage

  5. Just stopped by to see how life is treating you. Seems as if things are going well on your home. The kitchen looks better than mine here. I updated my blog not much time somedays and life is passing too quickly lately. Say hello to the ladies that I met there and if you cross paths with any Faris's tell them we are well.

  6. I think you should call 112 and not 119. 112 is the emergency number for many countries.. sorry I am not sure about Libya, but you may try.

    Maria from Malta

  7. Wow 3300 -- nice, how many bedrooms?
    Living rooms?
    Looks Like you have been very busy shopping and designing rooms.
    This would be very challenging in Libya. I've seen the styles in the stores and lots of baroque inspired Italian looking over the top furnishings.
    In saying that though I 've also seen very ultra modern looks too.
    Sstill challenging when you have a half dozen shops to choose from --- nice job!!

  8. i think 193 its the number.


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