Sunday, September 06, 2009

Getting there

The month of Ramadan is more than half way over. It's been hot the entire month, well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day and today we had 75% humidity too. Thirst, not hunger, seems to be the thing that's bothering most people this year.

I try to stay inside as much as possible during the day with the ac set to the lowest possible temperature. This makes visiting my mother in law difficult because although she has air-conditioning she uses it sparingly. She has the idea that you can get loza tain (tonsillitis) or a cold in your kidneys if you use the ac. I'm not looking forward to spending Eid this year at my in-law's in the heat.

We're still in the process of moving. I'm glad we're doing it a little at a time because the house isn't a mess. We just move enough every day or so to easily sort though and keep organized. We're also still shopping for furniture. Today I bought some houseplants to put in the area near my desk. The kids are calling it a forest now. I still need some plants for the kitchen window. I'm not going to attempt the garden until the weather cools off (and the house is painted). It's getting there… slowly but surely.

There will be shopping for Eid and school clothes and supplies in the next few weeks. Life would be so nice if there were a Target or Walmart here – one stop shopping…. Sigh.. the heat is getting to me.


  1. Salam,
    you should listen to your mother-in-law. AC´s are quite dangerous for your health; I always turn them off at hotels etc and have none in my home. Each time I have stayed at a hotel with AC turned on, I got sick.
    Ramadan kareem!

  2. great to hear the progress is getting u where u want to be as u wanted to be..
    i think if we have the Wal-Mart in here you would lose the spirit of adventure of finding what you want ;) it would make every thing easy and that's not as good as you have to (burn your nerve ;) ) trying to get what you want ..

    i think every thing is available now in but you need to take the adventure of moving from place to place and wondering if i will find it in another place better and cheaper :)

    good luck

    Ramadan mubarak


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