Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost over...

Eid has been pretty much uneventful. We've done the usual stuff at my inlaws and I've sat and sat and sat on the cushions until my bottom is numb and my legs ache. Masha'allah, the family keeps getting bigger; every year there at least five new babies. So there are kids everywhere! I told my mother-in-law that soon enough we'll have to rent a wedding hall for Eid so that we'd all fit... masha'allah!

My plan for today is to arrive late and leave early. I've had lots of experience with the last day of Eid! Day three is when the real fun begins; the sister-in-laws have no new clothes to ooohh and ahhh about and by then they are all tired of looking at each other. First they make a few snide remarks to one another and soon enough the arguments break out. Amazing that only two days ago they were kissing each other and asking each other for forgiveness! lolol... They've learned long ago that I'm not interested in taking sides with anyone or getting involved in any way. I just sit quietly and observe and thank God that I don't live in the same building.

I'm ready for Eid to be over. The only things I have planned for this week is a birthday breakfast for a dear friend and to pick up the computer that I ordered last week. So you can guess what I will be doing then... installing programs. :)

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  1. I am all caught up on your blog posts and have enjoyed them all , especially THE WALMART PEOPLE post , since I recently saw that email , lol . I agree that you could EASILY do one of those for here !!!

    Loved the cactus and the way you did your window .

    Let the kids make all the noise they want outside . Who cares what the neighbors think ? It's your private space !

    I am so GLADE I no longer have to spend ALL my time with the in laws any more !Poor you . I remember all those times . I hated it when they would get so bored with tearing each other apart , they would start on me or my kids . Why do they do that ? Anyway , It is all over ... for now .

    Now you understand why I do my grocery shopping the way I do and have such a larger freezer , lol !

    I hope your new computer brings you as many hours of happiness as the old one did . Have fun downloading and programing !


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