Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please oh please oh pretty please!

Can someone create a Libyan version of the website People Of Walmart?

It could be called People Of Suk Mahari. I see the weirdest stuff whenever I go to Suk Mahari. I'm either staring in disbelief or laughing, or doing my darnedest not to laugh... I especially like the country bumpkins that are visiting Tripoli and it's like maybe their first time in a supermarket in their entire life .... hehehe... Actually it doesn't have to be limited to Suk Mahari.

I see weird stuff all the time here. lololol.. I've had another experience with a flasher this Ramadan (too bad I didn't have my camera) and lots of beggars, but so far no pickpockets. I've seen lots of strange looking people and cars and people wearing weird things. It's funny when you see someone wearing a t-shirt with something written on it in English and you know FOR SURE that the person wearing it has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what it says. Or stickers on cars. Once I saw a religious looking guy (with a beard down to his navel) riding in a car with Rainbow Pride Flags plastered on the bumper. Obviously he had no idea what it meant.. he probably thought it was pretty...hehehe..

Actually I've been avoiding doing the regular kind of shopping lately. Most of my shopping has been focussed on furniture and thankfully those shops aren't crowded and most people there seem pretty normal.

Today I took the kids shopping for school uniforms. I drove directly to the shops behind the Eye Hospital and informed the kids 'This is your one and only chance. I'm not taking you anyplace else. If even one kids says 'Ewe!' then we leave that shop immediately and move on to the next one.' We attacked the row of shops with a no nonsense approach on one side of the street and then crossed the road and did the same in the shops on the other side of the road. In less than an hour everyone had a uniform. After that we went to Rox and got sneakers (they've always got something in plain black there). We were on a mission! I made sure we weren't shopping long enough to notice if anyone looked weird... probably we did! lol

Our next adventure will be to get Eid clothes. It will be more difficult. With the school uniforms we were looking for specific things. I've been dreading this, but now I'm going to take the People Of Walmart approach and try to spice up the Eid shopping by noticing the bizarre and weird around me. Off I go! On another adventure...


  1. Just leave Libyans in Pace, and this country. you do not like any of them anyway.

    What you say is just fun for you as you do not belong to Libya !!

  2. You are losing respect !!!

    Maybe he is gay ? So what is your problem ? should we be nasty as you ? would you like to be called fast ass? mind your own business example, Try to lose weight !!

    I am not going to read your blog again I have no respect for people like you.

  3. Anonymous.... there are weird people ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    You obviously didn't look at the link for People of Walmart - in fact I know you didn't because I could tell from the site stats.... Maybe you should have a look at what some people look like at Walmart.... it's hilarious...lolol

  4. ReEally enjoyed your Walmart site! I sent the link to my brother in the U.S. who also liked it and said we'll go the local Walmart when I come to visit.
    As for your readers above, all I can say is God, there are some primitive people out there, constantly looking for ways to be offended and people to blame for their own frustrations - very common in Arab countries, sorry to say.
    Your house is beautiful? Got any bathroom or bedroom pictures yet?


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