Friday, April 24, 2009

What is this?

I noticed this new building in Tripoli, near Alhani. When I asked what it was, my kids said it's got signs for four new educational television stations on it. Hmmm.... call me pessimistic if you want... but has education in Libya improved so much that we want to flout it on TV?

Can anyone fill me please?


  1. The logos say "first", "second", "third", and "fourth" underneath them..tHats the extent of my arabic lol

  2. There has always been an idea that the younger children should learn at home. Maybe that is what it is for.

  3. Well same happened to me i saw it and i was really suprised us libyans we have four! learning channels its like i didny believe my eyes so i asked my sis beside me is it right what i saw or do i have eye problems...
    i never thought libya can ever it proved me wrong
    anyhow while i was discussing with my sis, dad over heared and he said it has been a while ,its not knew just search for new channeles in nilesat and u will find it guys....

  4. A pote from Andalus said once:
    مما ازهدني في أرض أندلس...ألقاب معتمد فيه ومعتضد
    ألقاب مملكة في غير موضعها...كالهر يحكي انتفاخا صولة الأسد!!!
    The German philosopher Hegel wrote once: Ideas come before actions.
    He meant that to build a good society you have to build good ideas before good buildings

  5. the idea is not to look at it from that angle ;)
    its the idea that we have these channels... yes we are doing something,, what purpose ,, oh come on who cares about that stuff. we are in the 21 c.
    and the good sides of that is ,, people will find a place to work in,,, u know what i mean ,,,
    since we have them then we have a progress...
    its a dead idea any way ...
    i spent a year looking ofr a place where kids can have an edcuation,,, like it ment to be ,, and finaly ,,, i didnt find one,, i just found the best in the list and its,,, hu, ok
    thank you

  6. Well, it is self-evident that construction of buildings is much easier than building of human,but we can not deny that there are trials to catch up with latest tech. and education methods.


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