Friday, April 10, 2009

Toss and Turn

My back is killllling me. The new mattress on my bed is firm..... like a slab of granite. Posturpedic my eye! This is f**king torture. My back feels like it's all out of alignment and no matter how I lay on the bed it causes various parts of my limbs to start to go tingly and numb.

Of course hubby thinks the bed is great. But then he's Libyan... and they all seem to be able to sleep on anything. At any wedding, funeral or other gathering you'll see them toss a cushion on the floor and plop themselves down on it, snoring within minutes. I once witnessed a whole group of electric company employees happily sleeping the afternoon away in my garden using pieces of cardboard thrown on the hard ground as their mattress (the whole time oblivious to the fact I had no electricity for days... they were there to repair it, but were sleeping instead...sigh...)

That's nice for them I guess, but it doesn't work for me. I have to be comfortable to sleep well. I'm not getting a good night's sleep. I look in the mirror and what do I see?

Dark circles under my eyes.... sigh... it's not a pretty sight....


  1. give yourself a couple of weeks you are just not used to it yet. hugs holly and the kids

  2. Soon you will not only have a hard bed but a Camel Hump bed . That's were the middle of the bed is raised higher than the sides where you sleep . Enjoy !


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