Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some progress.... at long last!

The finishing detail work is being done on the house. All the little fiddly things that require hiring people who 'know what they are doing' so they don't completely ruin it. This past week the tiles have been put on the columns outside. They will look even better once the house is painted. Can you believe hubby had to fire two different tilers before finding one that could get the tiles done right? ... sigh..

Hubby went out and found a workshop that made kitchen cabinets. Thank God he took me to see them first... what was he thinking? 'No way!' I said. I took him someplace else... a place I found myself and pointed out what I wanted. It will cost a little bit more but the quality will be 100 times better. He should just stop wasting his time and ask me in the first place.... sigh.. The cabinets are now underway.

We bought the appliances for the kitchen and will have to pick out the counter tops soon. Hubby wanted marble... another 'No way!' from me. 'Granite... I want granite. I don't care what it costs.'

Left to go is picking out the colour for the house paint outside and painting it, installing sinks in the laundry room and outside kitchen, installing the sink and cabinets in the vanity area of the guest bathroom, finishing off the garden sitting areas, putting in railing on the veranda.... and then furniture... lots of furniture. When Hubby started this project he had lots of black hair... what's left is almost completely grey now... sigh. And I have high blood pressure.

I hope this progress continues without anymore delays..... I am crossing everything.


  1. Tell hubby that's what happens when one procrastinates for 7 years ! Their hair turns grey ! LOL ! Am so happy the house will be finished soon .... INSHALLAH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your new home progress reminds me of a program I watch on TV here in London called Grand Design, it follows people's building their new home from scatch or from a ruin to a really grand home step by step, sometimes taking years, hope all goes well :o)

  3. good job !

    lovely pics.....thanks for sharing.

    hope you get to finish it soon and get us all together for the ZERDA !

    best wishes

  4. Salam Khadija,
    Are you guys building a Taj Mahal.
    Did it take only 100 years to build?
    Just kidding it looks like you going to be enjoying it soon!!

    best regards

  5. most definetly granite , marble will chip a lot easier granite is more urable i cant wait to see your finished house pictures ,i love to look at houses especially in other countries i watch a prpgram on tv here called house hunters international i love all the diffferent styles of houses in different countries good luck on the finishing

  6. where is your house located is it in the country or in tripoli , i cant wait to see the finished rooms

  7. Hi Teri!
    Is this palatial home what you've been referring to as "the farm"???
    This will surely make you a member of the landed gentry :-))


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