Saturday, April 18, 2009

An in-law event

I had an in-law event the other day. A niece with a new baby. Jenna took the phone call and said it was ladies for lunch and men for dinner. I was so happy - that meant we'd go for lunch and get out of there and still have time to do something interesting the rest of the day.

We got ready to go, Sara went downstairs to start the car (and get in the front seat first). My sister-in-law from downstairs saw her and hung out the window, 'Why are you going so early? It's not until dinner. And I was hoping your mother would give me a ride'. So Sara marched back upstairs to tell us we didn't have to be there yet. We were all pissed off with Jenna.

I decided to take a nap until it was time to go. My sister in law decided that 5pm was the time to leave. By this time Hubby had taken off to the farm, leaving Ibrahim behind. What to do with a hyperactive ten year old boy at a ladies' event? sigh.... 'Where's his meds?' I made sure he took them. The last thing I needed was my son being in the middle of a disaster... I could just picture trays of tea glasses flying across the room or someone's shoe getting thrown in the middle of a bowl of couscous. ... sigh..

Off we went at five o'clock. Ibrahim was looking placid, his medicine had kicked in and was working. Time crawled by. It was hot but no one would turn on the air conditioner because someone might get tonsillitis from the cool air. We sat on cushions on the floor... have I told you how much I hate sitting on cushions on the floor before? It makes me sleepy, it makes my back hurt, it makes me grumpy too.

The highlight of the whole boring evening was when they finally brought out the trays of couscous and we sat down to eat. I made sure Ibrahim was sitting next to me. He had an ancient old woman sitting on his other side. I was worried he'd spill something...but no.. that didn't happen. What do you think happened? ..... he let loose a humongous FART!

I am not taking that boy to any more events... sigh....


  1. I know exactly how you feel! At least it wasn't YOU who farted!!! My relatives all have beautiful dining rooms with chairs and tables, but we always end up sitting on the floor to eat. I don't get it! It's so uncomfortable. I eat as fast as I can and get up because if I don't, my feet go to sleep and then I have to limp away!

  2. Of course he farted! You wouldn't let him throw a shoe in the couscous. He's a boy KT, haven't you noticed?


  3. It could have been worse , lol , it could have been you that farted , lol !!!! Hahhahaha ! Anyway , Mabrook !

  4. hi Madam

    i am very glad to have seen your picture after more than year, probably, you do n't remember me, i'm libyan guy, i studied with you one day in libya before i have been traveled to Uk.
    nice to see you again and i will come back to comment about libyan smell (:

    see you soon


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