Friday, April 03, 2009

How important is a good night's sleep?

I got up this morning and started in on the laundry as soon as I'd finished breakfast. I went into the bedroom and pulled the sheets and blankets off the bed so that I could launder them too. As I was doing this I noticed that the sheets on the edge were wet... uuugh... the waterbed has sprung a leak! Yeah, I know what you're thinking... who the heck has a waterbed in this day and age?.. Waterbeds are so 1980s! .. sigh...

This is going to be a problem for a few reasons:

Number one, because there aren't any waterbeds in Libya. We brought the mattress ages ago (in the 80s!) from America and we brought along with it extra spare bits and pieces, but that was twenty odd years ago and the extra bits and pieces are gone now.

Number two - and this is probably the biggest problem of all, I just don't sleep well on a regular bed. I'm used to my comfortable waterbed. I like the way it molds to my back and lets me drift off into sweet sleep. I like that I can adjust the temperature and be warm and cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Today we'll have to go out shopping for a regular mattress. When we had the bed made we took into account that one day we might have to put a regular mattress on it. Too bad there are no waterbed shops here... sigh...

I am NOT looking forward to this. I am going to be a grumpy bitch until I get used to sleeping on a regular bed again... I can totally feel for the 'Princess and the Pea'.

Sweet dreams.... maybe.... but most likely not........ sigh.........


  1. Hey Teri...Do they have the latest air beds in Libya? Similar to water beds in the way they mold to your body. You can adjust the inflation to your own comfort level and each side can be adjusted separately. For heat you can put on a heated mattress pad. Just a thought....

  2. why dont you look on line for a replacement... you might actually find what you need hugs holly

  3. Your best bet is to have your own mattress custom made for you .Good luck and I totally feel for you !

  4. dear Khadija
    you can use deference way to get new waterbed. try to ask any one who make business form&to Dubi i thank he will help you to get one just pay to him
    good luck

  5. Hi Teri,
    It doesn't have to be water anymore. There are beds out there that mould to your body and two people I know personally have them and think they're even better than waterbeds used to be. They're not cheap.

  6. Hey Khadija ......what if u try desert-sand mattress !....or build a bed frame like the ones in Ghadames and fill it with sand and then cover it with layer of sheet .!


  7. Teri,

    So sorry to hear that your waterbed broke. I know how hard it is to replace something that you really care about and gives you comfort. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. I am married to a Libyan from Gharian and lived there for a few years and we then moved back to the states. By reading your blog I feel I have a good idea of what my life would have been like if I had stayed there. You are very open and honest about your feelings. I admire you for that. Wish that some day we could meet. I have not been to Libya for almost 20 years...seems like I left just as you came to stay. You have a lovely family and I believe a very purposeful life. Hope to keep reading your blog and seeing your photos.

  8. hi Teri ..
    hi I'm Salem from Libya
    i hope u fine ..
    anyway i know their is no waterbeds Shop in Libya..or anything like that ..
    Like the other said just Ask some one to get it to u from Dubai or even Italy..
    the Language barrier will hampers you .. but i will ask for it to u if u which ..

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