Friday, December 15, 2006

Some progress

The doors and windows are finally being installed in the house. They still need to be stained and varnished with the final colour (which of course we're arguing about). It's starting to look like some progress is being made but of course for every step forward it seems there are two steps backward...
The painter convinced my husband that orange ceilings were 'all the rage' nowadays and that we should paint ours that way. In real life the ceiling is actually a much brighter orange than it appears in the picture above. Needless to say, I was not pleased! The ceiling will be repainted, white .... OR ELSE!!!!!!

Aside from the fiasco of the orange ceiling the guest room's bathroom floor needs to be pulled up and tiled all over again because water pools in the corner instead of going down the drain like it's supposed to.

Eventually the house will be finished.... won't it???


  1. Your dwelling is coming along nicely mashala. I really like the doors. Inshala itba Mubaraka!
    I agree with you, I prefer good old white ceilings, they will always look normal, these funny colors will look weired to say the least after a couple of years. White is classic it never looks out of place.

  2. i understand what you are going thru... i am having the exterior of my house done, and it seems like it take forever... i dont know which is worse waiting for a house to be built or living in one that is being repaired....the doors are lovely sorry about the orange paint i dont think i would like it either(even though it is one of my favorite colors). h hugs holly

  3. That ceiling looks tacky with peachy peach color. I would go white, a free brush on the side walls or duo colors would also look fine, like green on one pare of adjacent walls and yellow on the opposite. It will look sweet and peachy to the eye :-)
    St.Laurent's have nice combinations of color schemes you can look'em up online.
    When is your house-warming party?

  4. I just want white walls... yes, I'm awfully boring, but in a classic kind of way.

  5. Your home will be beautiful!! Everything is such good quality. I am looking forward to seeing the next stage.
    In the States colored walls are very much in fashion. But if I lived in Tripoli I would have white. They are cool and clean looking.
    Will you be getting all new furniture too? What are the colors you will be using along with your beautiful white walls.

  6. We need new furniture... I want cool, calm colours like blues and greens. We'll see what happens....

  7. Congratulations;

    for furniture my chose is always brown.

  8. I remember a big furniture salon right on Gargaresh Street; it had such lovely Italian furniture and we always went inside to look even if we didn´t need any furniture.
    Italian furniture is my absolute favorite!

    With 6 kids I wonder how you have the courage to use white paint for your walls!!!

  9. White is my favourite as well - The doors and beautiful :) Mabrouk and yes housewarming party please !!!!

  10. I'm looking forward to decorating.... if only I had an unlimited budget!!! - maybe I should put a paypal on my blog for

  11. I love the wooden door, they're beautiful, I have to agree with you, ceilings should be white. White's great, makes the house look bigger wider etc!

  12. Congratulations! YES WHITE even thou nowadays people use lots of other colors, they look good too but white is classic it will never look odd in couple of years...

    ughhh, I can't wait to start working on our house myself :o|

  13. Uggh white walls. I love colors. I would only do a white wall if the fabrics and furniture in the room would cause it to become to busy. I love stenciling and murals. Do they have such items there? If not Im bringing mine with me. Khadijah is the color of paint varied there? Can you have colors mixed like here in the US? I love to do themed rooms my daughter Khadijah wants a seasonal room and Aieysha wants a music inspired room with notes gracing the walls. How about dried flowers or silk. What little silk I saw was horible or plastic flowers.

  14. Hey does anyone not paint their wood doors? I love wood natural in its colors or is the wood mixed allowing for imperfections to be seen? Oh sorry to ask a bunch of questions but on plumbing is the pipes a standard or metric fitting? Like a common faucet is 5/8 size here.

  15. Humm why did my comments come up as anonymus? Anyway good to see things are getting done.


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