Friday, December 08, 2006

Libyan Museums

I found this on the web and thought it would be of interest to many who read my blog. Now I know which direction to head for next time I'm in the mood to visit a museum.

Museums and the Web for information, and Museums in Libya on Flickr for the image.


  1. AA,

    I've never seen A museum in Benghazi (and i live there for 12 years) where is it? and the one in shahat is always closed unless there are tourists.

  2. Have you ever been to Ghadames? I've always wanted to go there, friends who have been there tell me its amazing. I'd like to see the museaum there as well.

  3. No unfortunately not, but i have a friend in the boy scouts who attended a convention there and shared your friends opinion.
    Unfortunately our country is very big and most of us don't strive to discover it as much as we seek the outside world.

  4. Thank you, Khadija, for reporting about our project.
    About museums in Benghazi, we have, at list, one reference: The Tolemais Museum (also Ptolemais, or Tolmeita). There are two photos on Flickr you can check about this,

    We really do not know if they depict the same museum, but those living in Benghazi could help with this issue ;-)

    Our project about Libyan Museums has been very time-consuming and difficult as far as it seems that there is no one with website. However, that was really our main motivation to find and post more information about museums at Libya. We did it thanks to Web2.0 tools such as Flickr or Blogger, which apparently better work in cases like this.

    You can find more information about Libyan Museums in our blog, where you can post your comments and also add more information about then in our wiki. You will find all the links below.

    Stay tuned, because we will soon post about the Jamahiriya Museum at Tripoli.

    Take care and thank you for your collaboration!

    lamusediffuse / e-artcasting

    Photo Project:
    Reference Websites:

  5. AA,

    I had completely forgotten about that small museum in the downtown it is an old Arabic house no larger than 100 square meters and only has a fountain in the middle and some mosaics, its in ageeb street.

    As for Tolemais it isn't in Benghazi it is 110 km away from Benghazi it was the port city for the city Marj which is 100 km from Benghazi. You are lucky as I was just chatting with a friend of mine and it turns out he was camping there on Friday. he will send me some pictures he took of the museum on Friday, and i'll forward them to you if he keeps his word, because the internet connection is bad so it can be hard.
    In the mean time here are some pictures i found in a forum of Tolemais and some other museums including Qasr Libya museum which has the largest mosiac in the middle east:

    museums in the green mountains

    this is the link i used to search for them it has Tolemais written in arabic (google) u might want to do more searching :


    and this is a video of the museum on you tube you'll also find links in the related section of other sites and museums :

    youtube of tolemais

    If my friend sends his pictures as promised I'll forward them later.


  6. Thank very much for your collaboration. This is really helpful. Be sure that we will modify our map to better locate the Tolemais Museum at Marj.

    Taking this wonderful opportunity, we would be really glad if you provide us more information about some of your comments.

    What do you exactly mean with,
    "I had completely forgotten about that small museum in the downtown it is an old Arabic house no larger than 100 square meters and only has a fountain in the middle and some mosaics, its in ageeb street"?
    Are you speaking about The Museum of Islamic Art at Tripoli?

    The YouTube link you wrote doesn't seem to be working. Did you mean this video?

    Do not forget that you can add your accurate information at, or as a comment at Besides, you can also add tags to the image at


    lamusediffuse / e-artcasting

  7. AA,

    With regards to the youtube link yes I was referring to the link you posted I must have pasted the wrong link :).

    As for the Museum in Benghazi issue, the pictures you linked to in your first post here aren't of the same place.

    this one is of ruins outside of Tolmeita museum an archaeological site in itself.
    As for this one :

    its of another museum in the city of Benghazi. It is in the downtown area of the city in a busy alley known as "ageeb street" I can't remember the official name of the street nor have i ever known the official name of the museum. The museum is basically an old arabic house which consists of a main internal courtyard with all the rooms facing the courtyard and no corridors it has a fountain in the middle and some mosaics brought in from other sites on the walls but not many as it is too small. It is just too give a glimpse of what we have in other museums for those who don't want to wonder out of the main cities.

    As for Tolmeita it is by the way a city by itself known by that name "Tolmeita" or "idrissiya" so it isn't within the borders of the city of Marj but u can locate it on the sea to the north east of it.
    So know u have two museums :)
    As for your map of libya in the area between tripoli and benghazi you refer to a museum as "Qasr"? the region you are referring to is known as Sirt. There is a museum in Qasr Libya known as "Qasr Libya" museum and it holds the largest mosaics in the middle east but that is 30 km west of Al-Beida city it is right before the Kouf valley and u can see pictures of it in the link i sent you
    of museums in green mountain, it is the one with the big mosaic on the ground.

  8. We already changed the map thanks to your advice and guidelines. The new one is available here.

    Thank you so much. We really appreciate your collaboration.

  9. After several months of intense and exciting work, the project “Museums in Libya 2.0” is already available on the Internet. We hope you will enjoy the wonders of Libyan museums.

    Thank you for your collaboration!

  10. Libyan museums are online at last. Please take a virtual tour of

    Libya's First Online Museum at

    real photos of actual exhibits, gallery description, notes, and photos of the actual museum buildings.

    Son of Libya.


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