Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hiking in Rega'at

Yesterday we went with some friends to Rega'at for a picnic and hike in the mountains. As we started out on our adventure it looked as though it might be a day of rain and it sprinkled a bit on the trip out to Rega'at. But by the time we arrived the weather had cleared and was perfect for the rest of the day. [click on the images to see bigger pictures]

After we filled ourselves with hamburgers we headed for the hills. Bates Mountain, named after the English man who surveyed it sometime in the 18th or 19th century, isn't very big as far as mountains are concerned, but it is quite a challenge for couch potatoes and housewives! It can actually be quite dangerous if you're not careful.

'Ibrahim! Watch out!' and 'Ibrahim! Be careful!' and 'Ibrahim! Stop throwing rocks!'

We all enjoyed looking at the mountain's many treasures. Here's a new friend, Ian, looking at some fossilized shells.

It's amazing to think that this mountain was once part of the sea.

This plant smells almost like oregano or thyme. I brought a handful home with me, some will find it's way into my sauce pots this week.

Is it a centipede? A milipede? - it's got 40 legs! hmm.... centi = 100, does mili = 1 million? I'll have to google it.

Tiny plants growing from cracks in the rocks.

Near the summit we took a break to catch our breath. The views of the surroundings were breathtaking. - catching our breath... breathtaking views... fresh air to breathe... breathless... lol

Poor Mustafa! There is no Aljazeera up here!

The view of the Jafara Plain is dotted with farms and olive trees.

After a few hours it was time to descend. We took a route we had never tried before. It was more difficult than the usual way but we enjoyed the challenge.

In real life this was a zillion times more beautiful!


  1. i was really interested by the plant you found. It looks like a variety of lavender, from the shape and color of the flowers.Usually some varieties of lavender are similar in smell to other odorous plants like oregano or rosemary. I have never seen lavender grown in Libya...maybe this is a variety ,maybe of desert lavender.

  2. What a lovely adventure!! I think it's a centipede. A milipede has tiny legs all together in tight little lines. Like the Rockettes! LOL
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  3. can i go next time when u go to such a place !!!

  4. Darn it again. Lovely views. My husband had no idea where you were so I guess you will have to show me.
    You should have taken a small sample of the plant to grow at home.

  5. The pic where your husband is sitting thinking of he sitting on natural rocks carved out for building purposes, or are the rock formations old ruins?

    The rock cube in the foreground of that pic seems to be carved with round circles or roses?

    If yes, do you know these ruins?

  6. beautiful pictures. how far is it from the capital?
    A great exercise while enjoying the view & the fresh air!

  7. Anonymous - yes- it looks a lot like some kind of lavender but the smell is different.

    Chatalaine - I googled it and it's a centipede.

    piccolina- this might be a fun outing for the bloggers of Libya - a blog meet in the mountains! Yeah!

    aecudaisy - yep, this is the place I told you about in the mountains - If you or the company come back we'll have to make arrangements to go there.

    old momma - the plants need just the right conditions to grow - Tripoli doesn't have the same ones so most of the stuff you bring back won't grow - I tried it before... sigh...

    Safia - the cube shaped rocks are 100% natural - ma'sha'allah!

    red-enclave - ooohh... I feel sore today! :)

  8. About the centipede: I think that is what we refer to (taken from the Egyptians) as ?? ????? ??????? (the mother of forty four) or forty-four wheeler/pieder.

  9. Thanks for the pictures. I love the desert, the sights, and I love camping. I cannot wait until the boys get old enough.

  10. This is all beautiful but my favourite part is Ian :) ..Khadijateri can you introduce us please? he he he

  11. Highlander... you'll have to look elsewhere, Ian's already taken. lol

  12. Hi sister khadijs
    After looking at your hike pictures I felt homesick. It's a centipede and here's the link to the exact one you found . My best wishes to you and the family.

  13. What a beautiful place! I wish I can visit the desert there. It looks awesome but I really would not like encountering a centipede(milipedes fine) as they look alarming (I think they can sting or something).

  14. Highlander - very interesting :-)

    My husband, Ian, was tickled pink when I pointed out your comment!

    Have a nice one!



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