Saturday, December 09, 2006

Air Show in Libya

I didn't have time to attend the recent air show that was held this past week at Meetiga Airport, the old Wheelus Airbase, but my husband went and took Ibrahim. He also took my camera and I've uploaded the pictures here: Air Show - Libya 2006

I'd also like to mention.... So far only one person has tried a guess at the latest 'Where is this?' challenge! What's the matter? Is it too difficult??? Have a look here: Where is this? - #14


  1. Im sure my relatives loved the noise! Our homes are directly under the flight zone for Mitega. I always wondered if one was going to land on the house one day. But Im sure it was fun for those who attended....

  2. wow now that was something cool to look at!

  3. Shukran friend, I didn’t know you had loads of pictures hidden behind a click , thanks again

  4. Thanks again for the photos ( added the link to the Best Blog in town)… Over the last year or 2 I asked 5 people to send normal photos, not post cards, from Libya .. pics of main streets, normal folks, ‘normal’ life, and until now I got none.

  5. I got the answer for Teri's where is it quiz..
    check it out and let me know if I was right..
    As for the show it was no Oshkosh by no means but it did the trick as a first, more to come in the future h f.


  6. Nice photos, my mom took my daughter and cousins there; she said it is a start, but totally unorganized.


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