Friday, December 08, 2006

A meme - 6 weird things

Ok... so I've been tagged with a meme by Zaynab. The 6 weird things about me, meme. Actually it's quite strange because I was only discussing my weirdness about an hour before I got tagged. This particular person seems to think I'm normal for some reason and gets angry when I say that I think I'm weird.

I suppose there are different degrees of weirdness and who's to judge what's really weird after all? Is anyone normal? And what is normal anyway?

Well, here's six things about me that are weird:

1. I work even when I'm sleeping. When I'm asleep my mind is going full speed ahead. Whenever I have a difficult project going I go to sleep at night and I figure things out while I'm sleeping. It works very well most times but it can cause me to wake up with a severe headache if I've been concentrating extremely hard about something. I get some of my best ideas while I'm asleep so an occasional headache is acceptable. I also use this method to find things that I've misplaced. I think about the item before I go to sleep and then I find it while sleeping. In the morning it is right where I envisioned it would be. Works nearly every time!

2. I seldom watch TV. I've no time for it, and I can't sit still long enough to watch an entire program anyway. My husband can't understand how I can sit in front of the computer for hours - I can do that because I've usually got at least 6 things going on at once - multi-tasking to my heart's content.

3. Spiders - I love them!

4. I can give someone the silent treatment indefinitely. I'm a very patient person, but I reach my limits and when I get fed up I just switch the person off completely. One of my sister in laws got the silent treatment for 6 years. I only gave up because she forced the truce by coming to the hospital when my daughter Jenna was being born and insisted on being the first person to see me when I came out of the delivery room. She bent over me and kissed me and begged my forgiveness - I gave in. Had she not done that I would still not be speaking to her. Now whenever she gets out of line with me I remind her that I can stop speaking to her and this straightens her out immediately.

5. I try to look on the bright side and find humour in things... this has probably helped me to survive in Libya. I don't think you can live here without a sense of humour. 'What's so funny?' and 'What are you smiling/laughing about?' is something I hear from people all the time. - I can't always explain it, they just don't see the humour in things the same way I do.

6. I can't stand to have anything cover my face. If I'm sleeping I must have my face outside the blanket. No way could I ever do 'the black veil thing' that is becoming so popular these days in Libya.

The rules say I must tag six people.... six weird people?.... who am I to say who is weird and who is normal?..... Do it if you think you're weird enough!


  1. assalaamu alaykum,
    thanks for playing! i'm with you on the TV thing for sure. and the sleep, too, though i can't say i've been doing much of it lately (baby has ear infections). it's nice to know about others' oddities-- i'm comforted that i'm not the only weird one.

  2. Do you honestly mean that one needs any reason to be weird???


  3. I sure do not think you are wired I believe you are very special in a unique way

  4. That's not weird ! that's cool Khadijateri.

  5. 1. People that can't laugh.
    2. People that are SO serious all
    the time , bite me !
    3. Not taking time to daydream .
    4. Not loving walking in the
    rain .Or other activities in
    the rain !
    5. Thinking that all personal time
    has to be productive .
    6. Not keeping your promises .
    AND....... a bonus ......
    7. Not loving music !How is that a life ?Without music ?

  6. If you like spiders:

  7. Oh Thanks for the spider! It's fantastico!


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