Saturday, May 06, 2006


Lots of apricots!! Posted by Picasa


  1. Lovely pics . Made me hungry !
    What about making jam?
    Need a recipe?

  2. I think the best way to eat apricots is right under the tree! But post the recipe please.

  3. Here's my apricot jam recipe :
    1kg apricots
    1/2 kg sugar
    2 cups water

    Place apricots in heavy saucepan on low flame,until quantity of apricots is halved and of mush constintency. Add water .Simmer for absorbtion of water then add the sugar and simmer again untill all sugar is absorbed. your jam is ready when cooled at room temp.
    Now you can double ,triple etc.the recipe and get excellent results !
    Bon Apettit !

  4. Thanks! I will have to give it a try.


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