Sunday, May 21, 2006

Libya's Walk for Hunger

Recently I posted a notice about the 'Fight Hunger - Walk the World' campaign which is held once a year in cities all over the world. This year Tripoli was also on the list of cities that would take part in this global event.

The website had set the place as beginning in front of the fairgrounds, but later they changed it and said it would begin an hour earlier in the Green Square - Too late for me to change plans as I had already told some people I would meet up with them in front of the fairgrounds.

I went with my husband and two of my daughters and while we waited in front of the fairgrounds for things to start happening we found some yucca plants that were blooming, so we had a close up look at one of the blossoms. I'd never seen one up close before, it was pretty.

Only a few of the people who said they would meet up with us arrived. Everyone's main complaint about the event was that it was on a Sunday. But in most parts of the world Sunday is a day off work. Most Libyans were either working, studying, or sitting exams so I expected there would be a poor turnout. We didn't let that bother us.

Finally, about an hour late, at five minutes to eleven, the 'Walk for Hunger' approached the front of the fairgrounds preceded by a marching band.

The walkers carried banners and flags. My husband complained because they didn't have a Palestinian flag and he said they are most certainly hungry. I told him 'I think there are hungry people in even the wealthiest of countries' - he watches too much Aljazeera - that and the heat were making him crabby! - I decided to ignor him.

I took some pictures and then we followed along for part of the way. I must confess we didn't complete the walk - I had to get home and cook lunch and get myself off to work. Maybe next year the event will fall on the weekend. At any rate, I enjoyed seeing this and also meeting Molestine who showed up to take part in the event too. Posted by Picasa


  1. It was nice to meet you as well Khadijia, I'll try to do a post on the event as well but tomorrow I have these ladies at home and didn't manage to prepare nothing yet, sigh!!!

  2. wow mashallah, sounds good, i'm really impressed that libya went ahead with the event, lovley pictures by the way.

  3. Libyans are Hungry? Why are they walking, they will only lose more energy. LOL. I am sorry KhadijaTeri, Libyan and Libyans just depress me. Why couldnt i Have born Japanese or Swedish?

    You were born a Libyan and should be proud of it . Why then in the world are you calling yourself a warrior and LIBYAN ??? !!! HElloooooooo ...


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