Friday, May 26, 2006

Exam results, doctors, dentists and Ibrahim

Tomorrow the results will come out for the kids final exams. Actually I already know that Yusef and Jenna have passed and Sara has failed history. My sister-in-law came upstairs today to tell me. She got the news from one of the teachers at the school. I've decided not to tell the kids that I know. Now I am prepared to hear Sara have a big crying fit tomorrow when she finds out officially. She'll have to take the resit exam. Adam and Nora's results should be out tomorrow too.

Since school has been out we've been trying to get all the kids medical and dental work done. We've put off stuff waiting for summer vacation. Adam will be having surgery to have his extra teeth removed.

Adam has had all the consultations with the dentists, but now the negotiations are going on about the clinic's fees. He'll need general anesthesia and the clinic wants to charge over 1000 dinars to rent their theatre for two hours. We think 1000 dinars is rediculous! They said they will charge 25 dinars for each meal served (you can eat at the Corinthia for almost that much!) - Adam will be having dental surgery I don't think he'll even want to eat or be able to but they will charge for the meals anyway. The list of their charges goes on and on. In the end it will cost over 2000 dinars. You must remember that the average Libyan earns about 250 dinars a month. So we are negotiating the price and trying to see if they will lower it.

Adam has another surgery to remove a cyst scheduled for the 19th of June. Jenna and Ibrahim also need dental work done too.

Mustafa has also decided that Ibrahim should have a break from his medicine to see if he's improved. Well, guess what? He hasn't! We've had all kinds of excitement since he's been off his meds. Fires in the kitchen, running through the house with scissors and knives, throwing the cat down the stairs and using the broom to beat at all the light fixtures that hang from the ceilings, just to name a few of the fun things Ibrahim has been up to. I hope Mustafa will see the light and give in and give Ibrahim his medicine again - hopefully before a disaster happens! (or I loose my mind completely!)

Never a dull moment in my life!


  1. Remeber the movie " Fun and Games With Dick and Jane " ?Sounds as if you could make your own movie .Thinking of a carear change?
    You could add movie production, directing , and writing to your list of " can do" things .

  2. Newsflash - children with ADHD do not 'recover' or 'improve' - this is a life long condition - as I understand it there is a problems in the 'wiring' and the only 'solution' is medication which assists in short circuiting the wiring problem. I know adults who still have to take their Ritalin to cope with daily life. And not only is coming off hard on you and the rest of the family but it is also hard on Ibrahim - and then to get back on and get back to 'normal' - sure does not seem fair to him.

  3. My grandson has ADHD and it is very traumatic for the whole family. May the Good Lord guide and give you all "extraordinary" strength and faith. Sandi


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