Friday, May 26, 2006


Last week I was looking at my site statistics. I check them from time to time out of curiosity. I like to see who's reading my blog of course, and it's also interesting to see the other things like where they were referred from which is how I find alot of other interesting bloggers.

Another thing I look at is the amount of time people spend reading my blog. For instance, last week someone at the State Department spent 8 hours 21 minutes and 30 seconds reading my blog in just one day. The following day they logged in another 5 hours! Wow! Imagine getting paid to sit for hours reading blogs! I wonder how much this person's salary is? I'm sure it must be more than minimum wage. Where do I send my resume????


  1. No fair !!!! I want that job !

  2. It's only a good job if you get to choose the blog. Some blogs are SO BORING, and some are just smut and trash, and some don't make any sense. Not every blog is humorous, offers insights into other lands and cultures,interesting ideas and nifty photos.Your blog is fun to read. Thanks, Lenora

  3. Teri, it is very easy to spend several hours on your blog! It has so much interest of not only your family, but the pictures of Libya are so interesting, not to mention beautiful. Sandi ps which state department? Libya or US? ha

  4. Yes Khadija please tell us which state dept???Makes you think twice before blogging lol !!!

  5. I have spent hours today reading your blog. I have to say its the most intresting blog I have ever read.

  6. cool some one is trying to get some info on you and lybia..... they must be having a slow day and need a great laugh.... i wonder how much they laughed when they read your blog??????

  7. Yes sis Khadija, you should edit the best stuff and publish a book about your life in Libya.
    Your telltale style reminds me of Erma Bombeck, if you know who she was.

  8. I have a request to the State Dept. ...... Please inform the Commerce Secretary/ Dept . that we would like for the U.S, to send us the following busunesses : a Target ,Walmart, Home Depot,Burger King , Mc Dondalds,a Sally's Beauty Supply Store , and a Lane Bryant's . Maybe a Cloth World and some sort of hobby store too, to round it all out to give us the " whole American " experence ! Please .We await your reply with baited breath !

  9. I like Khadija Teri Blog and Khadija, I like America, I like whatever is American

  10. Sorry to disappoint you, but it could just mean that the person left your blog open for that length of time, not that they were actually reading it? For all you know, they could have been working on e-mails/word documents all the time the blog was open, or even have opened another copy of their browser (I do this all the time!) and left the other one open at your blog! Of course, it's nice that the State Department is interested at all, but don't get too excited!

  11. Pleazeeeeeee ! Give me a break !

  12. wow. that is a bit scary...that someone in a govt. dept is checking out blogs?? but I guess they might just be goofing off.


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