Sunday, November 06, 2005

An old Roman sign from Leptis Magna - but what exactly does it mean? Anyone care to take a guess? Click on comment and tell me what you think it means. Posted by Picasa


  1. I have nothing to suggest that isn't obscene. :)

  2. looks to me like a giant phallus. saw some at the ruins in volubilis, morocco that were used as signs pointing to brothels. i'm guessing this is something similar. nasty romans.

  3. Have you found out about this yet? What is that little spider-like creature on the left hand side? What does the whole thing mean -- or can you tell us without blushing?

    Bloggin The Maghreb

  4. Absolutely elementry my dear;the little squwiggley spidery thing looks like a eye so therefor it could only mean one thing !
    " I have my eye on you, dickhead ! "...... Or Not !Hum , maybe this needs more thought .

  5. Oh! I thought it was a crab!

  6. ya,its look like a big phallus..Can u blog about it,i mean the significant of the sign in the ancient Rome?thank you

  7. ya,its look like a big phallus..Can u blog about it,i mean the significant of the sign in the ancient Rome?thank you

  8. My guess ... and this is only a guess, is that it might be a sign for a treatment centre for venereal deseases. I imagine body lice and crabs were a pretty common affliction back in those days, so mayby that's what the crab symbol is for. The eye might represent the 'doctor'?

    Who knows if I'm right or wrong? But is is interesting to try to figure out the mystery.

  9. hummmm its a pic of baby factory lol.


  10. The victory of the phallus over the power of the evil eye may be represented by the phallus ejaculating towards a disembodied eye. This motif is shown in several examples of Roman art. For example, the motif is known from multiple relief sculptures from Leptis Magna in present-day Libya, as well as several instances on Hadrian's Wall.


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