Thursday, November 24, 2005

My news . . .

Exams and people's meetings:
The good news is the kid's have finished their exams. They all think they managed to get through without failing anything. The bad news is that motomarat (the people's meetings) have not finished and might be extended to 40 days. Wow! They must really enjoy talking! I'm not sure what this is going to do about my work. We aren't allowed to open the school during the evenings while the motomarat is going on, and we're an evening school. Does this mean we have no work for 40 days? No work means no pay - oh dear!

Taxes - those evil things:
Another piece of exciting news is that every homeowner must pay 100 dinars tax (per year?) for their home. What are the taxes for? Will they go to improving essential things like medical care and schools? Will we have clean, paved streets without potholes? A system of public transportation? What is going to happen with all the money they plan on collecting? I guess I'm a little less than optimistic these days - must be because of the prospect of not having work for 40 days.

On to news about the house:
Yesterday Mustafa and I went out to scan the tile shops for floor tile for the kitchen. Finally, after about two and a half hours, we found one we both liked. The guy in the shop said it was available and we put in an order that they said we could pick up later in the day. So, later in the day, Mustafa went to get the tiles and instead got the news that they didn't have the tiles in stock after all. We are back to square one, having to choose yet again. I am fed up with looking at tile. Maybe we can have a dirt floor in the kitchen and I'll get a few chickens to run in there periodically to clean up the crumbs that the kids leave behind. sigh. . . the thought of going back to the tile shops just gives me a headache.

And then there is the weather:
We've been having rain the last few days! Nice climb under the blanket weather for a change! Nice Thanksgiving weather! -



  1. I'm not sure whether to laugh or feel bad when I read your posts. At least it makes me feel good about not being there, and wipes any doubts of my decision never to live there again! I havn't been there since '98 and no plans to visit, not even in the far future.

    C'mon, you expect them to tell you what the taxes are for! This is too much; how dare you! ha ha ha

    BTW, check your email please and reply when you can.

    Doing anything for thanksgiving?


  2. well when I write my posts I sometimes laugh and simetimes come near to crying, but I'm happy I'm here. I don't think I would want to be anyplace else.

    There are more than just homeowners taxes being added to the list of expenses. sigh . . .

  3. KhadijaTeri -

    motomarat --- Never heard of them. What are these meetings all about? I tried to Google search on this word, but the only results which came back were your posts! (Did I spell it correctly?)

    Youth Wants To Know!! (smile)

    Bloggin The Maghreb

  4. My Beagle Mya could clean up the crumbs for you. She's good at that.


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