Wednesday, November 09, 2005

getting back to business

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Eid is over and the kids are back to school and I'm back to work. I think I've said 'Eid Mubarak' about a zillion times this week. But it's nice, everyone is cheerful.

We had a really wild thunderstorm the other night. It all began with a big, huge bang. I jumped clear out of the bed. I thought the air conditioning unit had fallen off the wall or something. All the car alarms were going off in the neighbourhood. Finally, I realised it was just thunder and calmed down. We shut off the car alarm and checked out the weather - rain! Finally we are getting some rain. By morning the weather had cleared and the flooding in the streets had gone down. The weather has been absolutely beautiful ever since. The air feels clear and fresh, it's cooler now and I feel alive!

The begining of the week had me thinking I would have a light schedule at work, but in no time at all my schedule is jam-packed full - just the way I like it. I think I nearly went crazy during Ramadan with nothing but the house, cooking and kids to occupy my time. Of course in a few weeks I'll be getting worn out, so I'm thinking to plan some kind of a break in advance. But then I always say that and never do it.

Next week the kids start taking their mid-term exams - I am dreading all the nagging I know I will have to do to get the kids to sit still and study. Maybe I can get some kind of leg irons made and lock each kid to their desks.

No TV! No CDs! No playstation! No! No! No! - uuuugh!


  1. i love this time of the year. once we had hale storm.

  2. i love this time of the year. once we had hale storm.

  3. redENCLAVE is slightly wrong; She might get hail storms, but I'm the only one who has 'hale storms'!!(smile)

    Have you ever noticed how electric the air seems after an electrical rain storm. Smells so sweet!

    I imagine rain storms are a bit rare in your country, unless you are right on the coast. Are they?

    Bloggin The Maghreb

  4. We just got report cards last week... two were excellent, one was terrible... by the way I loved all of those pictures of Septis.


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