Monday, November 21, 2005

A child of mine

I have a child that I have never seen. This child is the most mischievous of all my children. Never a day passes without some kind of problem happening because of the antics of this, my naughtiest child, has done.

I'm not sure if this child is a girl or a boy for I don't remember giving birth to it. I never named this child, but it has a name that everyone in the family knows. It's name is 'Mish Ani' which in Libyan Arabic means 'not me'.
  • Who left the water running in the bathroom? 'Mish Ani!'
  • Who spilled the milk on the floor in the kitchen? 'Mish Ani!'
  • Who ate all the cookies that I was saving for guests? 'Mish Ani!'
  • Who is going to take out the garbage? 'Mish Ani!'
  • Who has the keys to the storage room? 'Mish Ani!!'

Why can't it be?
  • Who failed their math exam? 'Mish Ani!'
  • Who wants to watch cartoons? 'Mish Ani!'
One day I may discover who this illusive child of mine is. In the meantime I will just hope Mish Ani doesn't drive me crazy!

For some reason I bet lots of people have a Mish Ani in their family too!


  1. mish ani is alive and kicking in our household ;) very clever piece :)

  2. Yes, cleverly done and humorous!! I like little posts like that...


  3. loooooooool you never fail to amaze me Khadijateri

  4. I think this is a very nice post, it made a few things clear to me as I didn't know who this Mish Ani was, but my children know him/her very well. Guess it must be a very fun kid to be ;-)

  5. around here mish ani is possibly a jinni. because no child of mine would be so bad ya know. Unless they are caught red handed then it is usually a gang up on a single child.

    We also have another jinni named ma araf (I don't know) who for some reason is also a favorite of my husband and my mother in law.

  6. Ah , I know this one ! In my sister's house with 5 kids it was always " Bruno did It " . Bruno being the poor downtrodden dog .Loved this one too .Syd


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