Friday, November 18, 2005

More mid-term exams and people's meetings

The kids are in various stages of mid term exams. When they come in from school I inquire, 'So how did the exam go?' and they invariably reply, 'It was easy!' Hmmm . . . we'll see how easy when the results come in. It will be another week of exam taking and me nagging about no TV, playstation, etc.

Aside from being the second week of exams, next week is also 'motomarat' week - Which means the Libyan population have something like town meetings. Big discussions go on at these, but I'm not quite sure who is doing the discussing because I don't know anyone who attends these things. They are televised and in the pre-satellite days that was all that was on TV. I'm not sure why they bother filming the meetings because quite honestly I don't think anyone watches. In the pre-satellite days we would just periodically turn on the TV in the hopes that a miracle happened and the meetings would be finished.
While the meetings are going on everything closes except for essential services like medical centers and pharmacies so that people can attend the meetings. People just wait around for things to open up, and usually, but not always they shut down the internet connection. It's an annoying fact of Libyan life that happens a few times a year. I've decided to take a positive view this time and take it easy and catch up on my reading. You've got to count all the blessings you can!


  1. so wot r u reading? :) r there any good bookshops in tripoli?

  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Are the people speaking openly about problems and ideas, etc., at these meetings?

  3. Ann - I'm not sure what they are speaking about, but they are supposed to be openly speaking about problems and ideas.

    Tyeness - reading all kinds of things :) the bookshops here in Tripoli have mostly academic material to offer. I did recently see an assortment of books written by Nobel Prize winner Naghib Mahfuz that were translated into English. Mostly I share books with friends and we bring or are shipped books from 'home' by family and friends.

    pseudo-intellectual - thanks


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