Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Some of the kids on the second day of Eid. Posted by Hello


  1. You sound just like me, only stressed out over Christmas shopping! I have no girls, so shopping is not quite the same drag that it is for you. Thank you for an utterly hilarious peek into a different way of life! And, just to let you know, regarding what is going on in the world today, SOME of us in the US are SCARED TO DEATH of what the future holds because of what is being done in our name around the world. I'll probably be put on an FBI watch list, but SO WHAT. Right now, I am STILL posessed of freedom of speech. Please tell everyone you know that we are not all in lockstep behind you-know-who and his shortsighted, self-serving policies! Best wishes to you, Khadija!

  2. PS, you can holla back @!


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