Monday, November 01, 2004

Hair in your food!

What do you do when you find a hair in your food?

Did you Know . . .

In many processed breads and baked goods is an ingredient called L-cystine and it is used as a dough conditioner. L-cystine is derived from human hair. There are companies in India and China that actually specialize in selling human hair for the manufacture of L-cystine.

You may be a cannibal and not even know it! You'd better read the packaging of your food very carefully.


  1. L-cysteine is an ingredient which is used in bakery products as a dough conditioner. It is often used in pizza crusts, pita breads and in bagels. It is made from human hair, chicken/duck feathers and synthetic materials. L-cysteine from human hair is Haram and must always be avoided. Synthetic and chicken/duck feather L-cysteine is Halal and may be consumed


  2. Hair , horns , nails and some insect ex-o-skeltons are made from the substance Kerton . One bug in particular is ROACHES ! Oh , yummy to the tummy !


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