Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Another day is done

Yesterday I broke a tooth. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later - I was hoping later. But there are other more pressing things to do before I get myself to the dentist to get it fixed. And, since my tooth is not hurting (unless I eat something cold) I will put off doing it for a bit.
We took Adam to see the orthodontist last night for a consultation. 10 dinars to look at his mouth and say go have x-rays taken. needed 2 x-rays at a different clinic - 25 dinars each (so far 60 dinars now spent on this kids mouth) Tonite we will take the x-rays back to the first dentist and he will evaluate them - he says he'll do this for a 30 dinar fee - so thats nearly 100 dinars for Adams mouth. Mustafa griped and complained about it all. I told Mustafa to stop griping - it will be alot more than 100 dinars by the time he is through with straightening out his number one boy's teeth. Poor Mustafa . . . what he really hates is the idea that he will be dragging Adam back and forth to the orthodontist for what will seem like forever. He really hates having to take anyone anywhere. (alot of these problems would be solved if he gets me my own wheels).

IN the mean time, last night we planned to look at 2 womans dress-shops downtown. I want to see if I can find some blouses. But it started pouring down rain so we went home.

Of course, while we were out Ibrahim was busy doing 'his thing'. He turned the water on in the bathroom and flooded the entry room sitting area. Carpet - furniture, the whole shabang! This morning I got up to try to continue to straighten up the mess and Ibrahim decided to complete the deal by running out of the kitchen with his cup of yogurt and tripping and spilling it on my newly covered chair. Thank God I made the cover so it could be taken off and cleaned. It is now in the washing machine - we will see what it looks like after it comes out and dries.

Haven't even thought about what to cook today. . .

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