Saturday, November 13, 2004

Eid Mubarak!

Yes, that's right! another Ramadan has passed and now it's Eid. - elhamdulillah!

Last night was the big rush to get the very last of the Eid shopping done. I took Nora and Jenna out shopping - boy was that a headache! Nora said yuck! about everything in every shop. In the last shop I told her we were going home and she was not going to get anything. Then she said we should go to every shop all over again. Phew. . . finally she was able to make up her mind. She does this every year! I think she just wants to see everything in every shop first - then decide. This way she won't have bought something and then found something she liked better in another shop. Drives me crazy!

We stopped in one shop and I bought socks for Sara - as we were leaving ther shop Nora said well I need some stockings too. I wanted to slap her! I told her I already paid the man and we were leaving - why she couldn't say she wanted stockings earlier, I will never know - but she does this about most everything. I HATE shopping with Nora. Sara is great - goes right in, knows what she wants, and buys it - no fuss, no bother.

Jenna was just along for the fun. She complained about the smell. Since she is only a little bit of a thing she gets smooshed in the crowd and her face is about level with peoples behinds. She says the suqs smell like farts - and I suppose they do if thats where your face is!

Well today is Eid and I am sitting at home because Mustafa could not be patient enough. He wants to be out the door and off to his family. He was down stairs sitting in the car - revving the engine. I was upstairs getting all these kids dressed - the house straightened and locked up. By the time I got out he had driven off. Jenna and I came back upstairs - unlocked the house and we will wait for him to come back. I will NOT be rushed! There is no reason we have to get to his mother the first every year. We are only sitting there ALL DAY LLLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG anyway.

Well - HAPPY EID! Everyone!

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