We interupt this program to bring you the weather

The weather here today was just weird. Most of the day there was superheated air (45 degrees C) that blasted you as you walked out from air conditioned comfort and made you wish you didn't have anyplace to go. The car never seemed to get cool enough even when the fan was blowing as hard as it possibly could.

Later on towards evening there was lightening and thunder and rain that fell from the sky in heavy dust filled chunks. It never rained hard enough to clear the dusty air. The sky looked menacing as though a tornado would strike at any moment - twister weather! No tornadoes appeared although in some areas there were reports of hail.

For a bit the air cooled off followed by oppressive humidity. And then just as quick as a wink it got hot and dry again. The air feels dusty and everything is coated with a layer of dirt.

To top off the uncomfortable weather, I think I am coming down with the flu.


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