Friday, May 07, 2010

Who is kitchen today?

I made a schedule for the girls for kitchen duty. They each have their assigned days. My days of dish washing are over - I brought three daughters into this world so that they could take over this chore for me. Oh how I hate to wash dishes!

This past week they've been fighting among each other and I have been hearing raised voices: 'You left dishes from yesterday!' and 'Those coffee mugs are from last night!' and 'Someone put the tagine pan in the fridge instead of washing it! That scrap of chicken is NOT a leftover!' And then I noticed that someone had removed the duty schedule that was posted on the refrigerator. Everyone was claiming it was not their day. 'Who is kitchen today?' I asked. Of course all three of them replied 'Not me!'

This evening I went to the supermarket and when I got home they all rushed out to help me unload the car. Not because they like unloading the groceries, but because they all wanted first dibs on the junk food. But guess what? I didn't buy any junk food! And while they were all pushing and shoving each other to see what was in the bags, I quietly left the kitchen and locked the door behind me. I'm not letting them out until the kitchen is clean.


  1. U should include the boys in the schedule. Don't say that they will mess it up. If they do so, they are just trying to fool u, to escape their duties. They are as good as girls believe me!
    I am watching many young unmarried and married Libyan men doing full kitchen duties here in USA.

  2. hi, you realy made me lough dear kadija. i still remamber when i was a little boy, the arguing between my sisters about the kitchen and as boy in libyan society in those days kitchen for just for girls, but things has changed at least on my parents is house in the begining of ninties and i started doing the washing up and things went more further for me, and i learned how to cook and after more than 6 years living in the west, last week i asked to help my work mate to teach her how to cook!!! i realy dont wanna do it, she is brety 27 years and i have been looking for libyan wife for over a year now but i did not find one, altough libya is full of women. please if an attractiv libyan woman who read this email and she dont mind to live broad contact me and i swearto god, i ll do the washing up for the firest 5 years of our marrige !!!!!

  3. I changed my kids kitchen duties to weekly so that I could keep track easier. Also, that created only one day of the week when they could complain about dishes left from the last person. I think that is a battle fought everywhere.


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