Sunday, May 16, 2010

One person's junk is another person's garbage

I'm working on the laundry for as long as the electricity holds out. For the past week or two the electric company has  been 'fixing' the electricity in our area, putting in new poles and disconnecting and reconnecting the cables. I'm all for progress, which is great news, but it's getting to be a nuisance having the electricity switched on and off all the time. 

The old poles that have been removed by the electric company have been tossed onto the sides of the roads, left abandoned, probably forever. My neighbourhood is looking pretty 'junky' these days. There are homes being built and the builders just pile the leftover rubble on the sides of the roads. Recently, there was a car that caught fire nearby - the burned out wreck has been left to rot. Actually there are quite a few rusting heaps of old cars littering the area. In places you can find piles of trash that people have dumped. 

There are plenty of dumpsters in different areas of Tripoli for people who live in areas that don't have garbage pick-up. We just load up the garbage and drop it off on our way into town. They usually have workers that sit next to the dumpsters waiting to help you unload your car. So Why do people dump stuff on the sides of the roads in the countryside? 

OK... I'm not going to stress out over this.... I'm going to just pretend it's 'rural art'. Time to get my camera out...

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  1. such a beautiful country -- has so much to offer -- yet time and time again the locals make a choice to DUMP garbage EVERYWHERE.
    Driving along to Tunisia breaks my heart ... fields full of plastic... When will Libyans learn to clean after themselves and respect the land God gave them....


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