Monday, May 03, 2010


We had no electricity all day yesterday. The electric company is moving the poles and putting in new cables in our area. This morning they came and said they needed to move the poles on our farm so they would need to come inside. It took Ibrahim and I quite some time to get the dogs under control and secured inside. Cisco was holding his ground and refusing to budge - I actually had to physically pick him up.... that dog needs to go on a diet! He's heavy!

The electric company guy promised me that they would only have to turn off the electricity for about an hour and  a half. Why don't I believe him?

I'm also stuck using my mobile phone to connect to my laptop to get internet. The wimax allotment has run out... 10 gigabytes doesn't last very long. I'll be back to wimax in another week or so. It's actually come at a good time. The kids have final exams starting next week - internet would just be another thing to distract them.

I've got limited internet and no electricity... I guess I'll take a nap.


  1. We had no water in pipes today ^_^

  2. hi im from qarabulli about an 45mins from tripoli, electric goes there often in peak summer and winter. have u ever thought of gettin a generator?


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