Sunday, March 28, 2010

A reason to be

I was amazed to see prehistoric rock art in Tarhouna on a recent tour. Absolutely stunning engravings of various animals such as cattle, lions, gazelle and deer. Most surprising of all was this rhino. 

[Click on the image to see an enlargement]

Libya holds so many treasures. I've been so depressed lately about life here and then I came across something wonderful.... This is why I'm here.


  1. are you sure this wasn't carved recently by a bored tarhoni guy?

  2. To my dear friend Khadija Teri
    Road to depression is very narrow
    And joy is our unmasked sorrow

    Beauty is the image of our soul
    We taint our soul our beauty would fall

    (So ask yourself)

    For what reason am I not at ease
    Can anyone explains it please?

    (Then declare …)

    To live, to love, to laugh, & have a ball
    Enjoy life to the fullest and stand tall

    Get rid of darkness & turn on the light,
    And look at the mirror & see delight

    Take sorrow and crush it in a blender
    And to life full of joy always surrender

    You want to do right and cause no harm
    Love your family, your house & your farm

    mahmud abudaber - Los Angeles, Ca USA
    March 29, 2010


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