Saturday, March 20, 2010

Messed up schedules and routines

Last week was a really busy one. I was running all over town trying to get things done and had to rearrange my schedule to try to fit as much in as possible. On top of that we had workers plastering the garden walls and they needed to be fed, so I was cooking for 10 every day. Phew... I'm tired!

Yesterday I didn't even step out of the house. I spent quite a bit of the time in bed relaxing, napping and reading the stack of National Geographic magazines that hubby retrieved from our P.O. Box. (Thanks for renewing the subscription Mom!).

In the afternoon some of the cousins came over to hang out at our house. Actually they've been coming over nearly every Friday for the past few months. I asked them where there mother was and they said she was home (enjoying the quiet). Thank God she doesn't come over with them or I'd be stuck entertaining her. For the most part I don't even notice the four extra kids in my house, or is it five. Their noise just blends in with my kids' noise and if they get on my nerves I can throw them all out of the house and tell them to run around on the farm. We have lots of space! Yeah!

In the evening hubby had guests. This was the signal for the kids to start acting up. Why do they always get so noisy and unruly whenever their father has guests? Nora was in charge of the tea and refreshments for her father. We don't follow the Libyan routine when my friends come over and hubby was grumbling that Nora wasn't doing a good job with the trays and refreshments. I really hate the pretentious Libyan routine...uuugh! We should have sent out iced-tea in honey jars, and peanut-butter and crackers!


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  1. the pretentious Libyan routine...I know tell me about it!!


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