Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The phrase of the week...

Close the door! You're letting the flies in!

Sometimes this is said with various swear words placed right before the nouns - the more colorful the choice of vocabulary the better!


  1. What about a screen! instead of "burning your blood!" حرق الدم :]

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! It's not funny I know, but can't help but laugh, coz thats my daily, weekly, monthly phrase, yearly phrase!!! I've been plagued by flies every single month of the year and now that the weather is getting warmer they're increasing in number!

    Laila, even with a screen, flies will find a way to get in!!! I'm telling you Libyan flies are intelligent beings! They sit on the door waiting for it to be opened and then fly in!! They see you with the fly swat and either hide, or start attacking your head! THEY ARE NOT NORMAL FLIES!!! LOL. I've never seen the likes of them in my life! I hate them!!! If anything gives me blood pressure in Libya, it'll be the flies (and the driving!).

  3. Amoola... you are right! Libyan flies are NOT normal. As I sit here typing this I am being dive bombed by the f***ers! We keep all the windows closed and the flies swarm in as soon as anyone opens the door. They wait at the door for the chance to come in! At night, when all is dark they are still flying about the house - dive bombing your face as you try to sleep or just BUZZZZING loudly around your head.

    I've decided they must be Libyan secret intelligence... spying on my life.

    Time to get the bug spray... I think they like the smell of it... it doesn't seem to work very well.

  4. Why not consult the Chinese Embassy? They launched a campaign to eradicate "four pests", one of them being FLIES! I don't know how successful they were with this, but considering how successful the Chinese are once they set their minds to something, I'm sure they got the situation under control! There's nothing like a dictatorship to get things accomplished!

  5. Your not going to believe me. It is below freezing here every night, has been for at least a month. I still have to tell my kid to close the ___ door the flies are getting in. The only thing I can think of is they must be hiding in the garage, where it is "warm".



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