Friday, March 12, 2010

Hip-pity hop!

I've had another strange dream. This time the sun was shining and I was walking someplace that had green grass and rabbits. Nice big fluffy rabbits. I sat down in the grass and a huge black rabbit climbed into my lap and started sniffing my face. It had the most wonderfully soft fur!

I'm not sure why I dreamt about rabbits but maybe it's because I have what seems to be a house full of kittens. Well really there are only three of them but when they're playing together it seems as though there are a lot more than three! One of the kittens is black with long fluffy fur and likes to climb into my lap when I'm sitting on the sofa. I was also born in the year of the rabbit and was recently talking to someone about that.

Anyway, I looked up the significance of rabbits and rabbit fur on the internet and found this:

Many rabbits in your dream signify an increase in responsibilities which will be pleasant rather than onerous; rabbit fur or anything made of it is a sign that you will eventually be able to afford sable.

I'll go along with that. Sounds good to me! 

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