Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on the transport situtation

Supposedly the mechanic who's been sorting out my car has finished putting it all back together and is testing things out to make sure it's fixed. This means I will have wheels again soon. In the meantime Hubby has found an SUV that he thinks I'll like. If we get it we can give my old car to the kids as a starter car for them to bang about town in. We'll see how it turns out. Having no car has been stressful.


  1. Dear Khadiga Teri,

    I have been enjoying your blog for some time but only just today discovered your pictures on flickr.
    Yes I know, they are posted right there on your side wall for all to see but I tend to ignore all the stuff down the sides. But back to the point- I love the pictures, had no idea there was so much to see in Libya. When I was living in the middle east, Americans were being discouraged from travel to Libya so I never went and now I see that I missed quite alot.

    I also loved the pictures of your house/farm. You have done a great job decorating the place and would love to see more, indoors and out.

    Betty in Virginia

  2. Thanks Betty! I'll keep posting pictures. We're working on the outside of the house these day. Putting in marble plant boxes and some ironwork. Then we will be painting the outside of the building.... so at the moment it's a bit messy outside.


  3. Hi Khadija, I've also had been enjoying your blog eversince I stumbled upon it back in Nov last year. My husband has been assigned to Tripoli and my family and I are moving there this coming June for 4years assignment. Your blog has given me a lot of comforts about moving there which I was not at first. Thank you so much for shedding some light on living in Libya.

  4. The picture I have in my mind of you 4-wheeling through downtown Tripoli makes me smile....

  5. Thanks anonymous! ... I hope that your stay in Libya is all that you dream it will be. There is a warm friendly expat community here. You never know... you may find you like it so much that four years turns into more.

  6. KhadijaTeri, off topic, I have an award for you over on Life; Sorry it took a couple of days to notify you, yesterday was a no-go day.



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