Thursday, February 04, 2010

Riding down the road to ruin

My car died yesterday. It's been giving me trouble for quite some time now and whenever I tell hubby to please check it out he tells me I'm imagining things. A little over a week ago I had a problem with the radiator.... steam pouring out of it. He couldn't deny that and took it to be repaired. After that it started to leak oil... no, actually it was pouring oil. I'd find puddles of it under my car. So he looked at it and decided it must need a new oil filter. He was really still in denial!

Today I drove to work and I knew that the car was on it's last legs... or wheels, I guess. I decided to take the dirt road to our house as hard and fast as I could. I LOVE riding down the dirt road to my house! I know where all the bumps are and where the smooth bits are. I FLEW down that road today! It was GREAT! And when I pulled the car up in front of the house and got out I could smell the engine burning HOT. It was pretty near to smoking it was so hot.

There was no denying that the car needed help now. Hubby took it into the garage to be looked at. There was not even one drop of water in the radiator. It's gonna need some major work on it. The guy at the garage said the engine will have to be removed in order to repair it. He was surprised that it didn't catch fire. 

Yesterday they started  in on the demolition along the side of the Ainzarah Road. Traffic and driving conditions are going to be miserable for a while. We've been talking about getting a new car for me. Now's the time.... maybe this time I should get a tank!

The ride down the dirt road today was just GREAT!... sigh....

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