Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time to take a nap....NOT!

Yesterday afternoon I took a nap. I rarely get a chance to sleep in the afternoon and I was so happy to climb under a warm blanket and just relax. Sounds ideal doesn't it? But what do you think happened? I had a dream. It wasn't  a bad dream really, just one of those dreams that makes you feel uneasy after you wake up and seems to linger over you for the rest of the day like a dark cloud.

In part of the dream there was a dark forest that was walled off just like Libyan farms are. It had a high wall surrounding it, but it had a gate at the entrance that was open so you could see inside. It was so full of densely growing trees that it looked black and forbidding. In my dream I was driving a car and drove up to the gate and looked in but didn't enter.

The rest of my dream took me to other places that were friendlier; some shops and a restaurant. The whole time I could see a strange dark man just at the edge of my vision. He seemed to follow me wherever I went but never spoke to me. I ignored him and went about my business.

When I woke up it seemed as though the dream was following me throughout the rest of the day. I kept thinking about the dark forest. It seemed so real.

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  1. Good Evening..
    Dear Khadija .. when i was surfing on the web this afternoon -instead of takin' my nap :P - ,in somehow i got ur blog :) what a nice shot!! i really interested reading & sharing ur nap's dream .

    i can see how does it feels when a weird dream seems so really .. but u know what.. it could be a sign .. i think u was wise enough when u didn't came into that forest :) , dont' u think so ?

    with all my respect
    ur sis:.. Eng.Qw6


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