Saturday, January 17, 2009

Viruses left and right

My house has been getting it's share of the virus that is going around in Libya (and elsewhere in the world). First hubby, then Nora, then Yusef and Jenna. Today I think my turn is coming. I have that scratchy throat feeling and I'm starting to sneeze. I'm going to dose myself with lots of ginger tea and hope I can either get rid of this or at least make it easier to get over.

I hate being sick. Mothers can never just go to bed and expect to get pampered like the rest of the family. Hubby can never understand it when I am sick - he thinks I'm faking it or something. Sigh... what a bunch of spoiled people I live with!... uugh! I've got too much to do to be sick.

Last week flew by at work. One day just seemed to blur into the next almost as if I was going on fast forward or something. I was overjoyed when the weekend started.

This weekend I've been taking it easy. The most important thing I did was to visit my friend's daughter on her first day out of the hospital - she'd had a baby boy - her first child! It was a happy occasion.

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping and running errands, preparing lessons and doing other planning. I've also been trying to format the kid's computer.... The last time I took it to be fixed I had the guy at the shop put 'Deep Freeze' on it so the kids couldn't add junk to it. I had gotten tired of the constant sorting out I was doing to maintain their PC - what a mess they make. I think they click on everything they see - a malware maker's dreamland.

Unfortunately I don't have the password for the 'Deep Freeze'. I've tried every trick I've found on the net and nothing's worked. I guess I will just have to take it back to the guy that put it on there in the first place and hope he remembers the password he used... sigh.. but of course I will continue to try myself for a while... a puzzle to keep me occupied.


  1. Hope you get well soon.


  2. Salaam,

    Tahuran sis. I've been through the cold about three times already this winter! Last time I gave in and just got myself a dose of antibiotics because it had gone to my chest and sinuses!

    Honey and lemon, and lots of vitamin C should help.

    Hope you feeling better soon. Nothing worse than being sick and still having to take care of the rest of the family! When we are sick, the husband's response is ''You'll be fine!'' Of course when the man gets sick, he gets to stay in bed and be pampered because of course he is ''dying''!


  3. I tried this years ago, it might be useful for you??

    2. press delete or F10 key while it's still booting (before the Windows logo) and exactly on the first screen you see when you turn on your pc.
    3. by entering to the BIOS setup, change the date back to anything in the past.
    4. save and exit.

    now DeppFreeze is diabled, make your changes and then reboot again, do the same steps but change the date back to original to enable deepfreeze again.

    I hope this will work for you.

  4. Hello Mrs Khadida,

    I dont know if you remember me,but I never forgot you and Mrs Alea.
    I thank you for all you taught me. I am now working as a secretary for a tourist company.

    Allah bless you and i hope you get better .


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