Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maybe I'm Delirious

I'm still suffering from this virus or whatever it is... I've got a tonsillitis thing going on now.. sigh.. Anyway, not to let me bore you with my poor health any longer. Instead I'll share what I've been reading (and finding quite entertaining).

I'm forever being bombarded with comments of people saying I'm anti-Libyan... which I find really funny. I'm just telling it like I see it - and actually I'm usually being a bit on the nice side! So I think it's interesting to read posts by a Libyan about Libya and Libyans. And my oh my... the things that are written .... hehe...


  1. Hi, just to let you know that yes I think she is exagerating , I do agree that Libyans like to show off by being too enthusiastic towards others specially when it is a relative who has been away for a long time, but being Libyan myself I don't think that they look at a woman who's head is not covered by a scarf any different. Anyway maybe she is relaying what happened to her from her own family and we shouldn't judge all Libyans as being the same.

  2. Due to changes in template, it hangs heavy. Needs some more tweaking.

    Do you do it yourself?

  3. Thank you for pointing out that blog for us. I realy enjoyed everything she said and thought it was well written out.

    No one likes having the truth pointed out but there are so many ways say what you are thinking and she did a great job describing her experience. I found most of what she said true and have experienced the same things. I have just never been able to put it in words.

  4. Anonymous...

    Having lived in Libya with a scarf and without a scarf, I know that people do look at you different.

  5. I'm sure people do look at you differently with and without a scarf. But the most important point was that there are too many mosques and not enough schools, libraries, etc. That's what those villages really need and no one even comments on it.

  6. Thank you for the heads up on this post from Sereeb !!! Loved it and it is sooo true huh ?

    Love the new look much more than the last coffin look , lol . Colors are nice and the graphics ,but can't see much of them .Hope you are all better now .Hang in there kid !


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