Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Good Start

We decided to begin the new year by making a trip to Leptis Magna. We'd been there a few times before but this was our first time on a guided tour. One of my students gives tours of Leptis in his free time and offered to take me and my family. Unfettered Swallow and his family joined us for the day. [He'll have amazing photo's on his blog for sure]. 

At the entrance - Septimus Severus's Arch.

More detail of the arch.

It had rained earlier and there were pools of water in some places that made interesting reflections.

We found my name... well.. sort of... 

I took this picture of Ibrahim next to the top part of a pillar (the capitol) so you could see the scale. The detail work of the carving must have taken superhuman efforts! There are hundreds of pillars here... it's mind boggling!

The bit of rain that we've had lately has got everything turning green. I really liked this combination of an ancient engraved Latin slab surrounded by shamrocks.

In the old forum there is evidence of games that occupied the time of the people of the past.

Later when we toured the museum we found dice and game pieces that had once been used.

We had a lovely day, actually one day touring Leptis Magna doesn't really even begin to scratch the surface. But that just means we'll go back for more another time. I really feel blessed to have such a treasure within reach!

We had a picnic lunch; sloppy joes, chicken salad sandwiches, cheese and crackers and peanut butter and crackers - oh.. and the best pound cake I've had in years... yummmmy!

Special thanks to our guide Mohamed Ali - he was wonderful and super patient - imagine two families and Ibrahim too.  

It's back to work for me. My break is over and I'm off to a good start for 2009.


  1. Khadija!
    How could I have missed this blog! such a nostalgic read for me I was born and brought up in Libya ahh! good old benghazi! You live in tripoli, I guess? I am going to drop in every day now:-)

    Great writing, great layout, great blog.

  2. Hi Khadija,,,

    Thank you for the pics. I'd love to visit Leptis Magna one day.
    Just to bore you, I was fascinated with the picture of the slab with the Latin inscriptions, I tried to translate what was written using an online "Latin to English" dictionary, but I could only translate praedica, which means "to preach", The other words were not clear as they were partially covered by soil and plantation.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Makes one want to test the Libyan tourist system. Great link too.

  4. MashaAllah, lovely pictures. I'm going to annoy dh until he brings me there! I'm sure with this winter weather it will make for an enjoyable trip with the kids.

  5. oh its my hometown elkhums ...
    i visit leptis magna sience few months realy another feeling there & always feeling like how those ppl hve ths talent evn b4 many centuries .... realy amazing place


  6. Great photos and gives us who do not know Libya a touch of your country, excellent.



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