Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's official! I'm addicted!

The other day I was just dragging. I couldn't get moving no matter how many cups of coffee I downed. After about the fifth cup I realized I had been drinking decaf. No wonder...

This morning after dropping Ibrahim off at school I stopped in at the supermarket and bought coffee and as soon as I got home I slurped down two cups as quickly as possible. I felt human again. When I sat down to read the news on the net I found an article about how Libya is funding a coffee plant in Uganda. I wonder if coffee will become cheaper because it's costing me a small fortune to keep my habit going. Especially since my kids are all joining me too.

I'm off to the kitchen... gotta get myself another fix....


  1. I’m addicted and had a plenty of coffee tonight
    I got a new can and will have more at daylight

    I drink coffee all night in our Tripoli hometown
    Then I drink it all day N’ till the sun goes down

    I want to stay on the top of it N’ be sharp N’ keen
    To hell with the decaf and drink the good caffeine
    It gives me energy N’ feel like a homecoming queen
    A delicious coffee is made from a great coffee bean

    Some mornings I wake up but I stay in bed
    Feeling tired with a nasty throb in my head

    I rush to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee
    I down 2 good cups and let my head go free

    Coffee is a delicious good old yummy
    It satisfies both my head and my tummy

    Now excuse me friends but I got to get up
    And go to the kitchen and get me coffee cup

  2. Coffee?
    YUCK! EW!

    But I know da feeling...it´s the same I feel when I open the fridge and there are no Cocacola cans left. Makes any sane person freak out twice.


  3. We have been taking Tony to NA Meetings. Maybe you need to go to CA meetings. What got moved? Did it flush OK.

  4. ok sis u r nt alone in ths ...
    coffee s my life ...
    she only friend 2 me when stdy hard ... no coffee ... no stdy ...
    try ths movment 2 confirm u addicted or nt (( put both of ur hands front of u & feel any tremor in it ... )......

  5. Actually, the best way to know if you're truly addicted is to go without for a period of time. If, say, in 12 hours or so, you have the mother of all headaches then you are, indeed, addicted.

    But addictions aren't all bad you know. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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