Sunday, April 20, 2008

Libyan roads are getting rediculous!

Lately I have been wasting huge amounts of time driving around town looking for roads that are not blocked due to all the demolition and roadwork. It's becoming extremely frustrating.

What were once simple tasks or errands that took a few minutes now take much, much longer. The other day I drove to the copy shop and in the few minutes that I was at the shop all the nearby roads were closed to traffic. I drove down one street only to get to the end and find it closed and had to figure out how to turn around to go back where I started. Of course a long line of cars behind me were in the same predicament; all of us trying to sort ourselves out. Just when you thought you had figured out a through road you would find yourself at an impasse and have to back-up or turn around once again. What should have taken me a few minutes ended up taking me an hour and a half.

At one point the only way through was to cross a rather high median. My car is low so I stopped and had a look to see if I would be able to make it across. I decided to go for it only to get the front set of wheels over and get stuck... my tires were spinning in mid-air.... I was going nowhere. I'm not sure how I managed to get off the center strip and back again with 4 wheels on the ground.

Back up... turn around... Ahhh! I can go this way! Turn the corner only to find a tent set up in the street blocking the way. Here I am trapped once again.

My car is turning into junk in just a matter of weeks. How long will this roadwork go on? When will we see the end of it?

I need a 4-wheel drive. Or maybe a helicopter... sigh..


  1. A camel might get you there a bit faster. And gives you gas back......Andi

  2. Lately I have been wasting a lot of time
    Broken roads & no maintenance is crime

    Much road construction to be done
    How long will this roadwork go on?

    Demolitions & road work has no date
    Stop, turn around, backup, things I hate

    Ahhh! Great finally I can go this way!
    At the corner a tent blocked my way

    I drove endless of miles on a bad road
    Potholes, filth and dirt all over my hood
    Puddles, & on my window jumps a toad

    5 minutes errands now takes over an hour
    My car morphed to junk & I lost all power

    I’m thinking of switching from this chapter
    To a 4-wheel drive. Or maybe a helicopter

  3. Mahmud - thanks for the wonderful rhyme - I am truly honored that you find inspiration from my posts. Keep rhyming!

    al hazeena... I no the e shud b an i but its atypo. and in thnking it reely shud b reeeeeediculous with the emfasis on the first


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