Saturday, April 26, 2008

The treadmill of life

This morning I had a meeting to attend. It was in an area I was unfamiliar with so I brought along Jenna to help me out by reading signs and pointing out landmarks.

We got to the area but never found the place. Poor UT who was also attending the meeting was on the phone with me trying to guide me in the right direction. Traffic was awful, the sides of the streets were full of people double parked and whenever I slowed down to look at landmarks and signs angry motorists horns began to blare. I found myself driving in circles and at one point a pick-up truck backed into the side of my car. I finally just gave up and drove around until I found a road that looked as though it might lead me in the direction of home. Jenna and I decided to stop and have a hamburger before doing some grocery shopping and then we headed home.

The afternoon was spent getting ready for a visit from my sister-in-law's daughter, a newlywed. To give the aroosa a little something different we made Mexican food. Yummy! And after dinner I sent Jenna around the corner to get us some ice-cream.

I'm tired. It was a long day. But I am going to reward myself tomorrow with a hair cut. Yeah!!! Sheila is back! It's time to get pampered and feel and look human again.


  1. does jenna speak the arab languge and you do not is this correct and are more libyans learning the english language and are you a english teacher in libya

  2. Hi, We really missed you at the meeting. Sorry you had such a bad time. It was quite fun though watching UT's face while she was talking to you on the phone and, I guess, you said a 'bad' word, as she put it. What? I don't believe you would say a bad word! Hope to see you at the next meeting (by the way wasn't ityou who sent us the map to get to the meeting!)

  3. is sheila from tajoura?

  4. The treadmill of life

    A teacher, a mother & a housewife
    What to expect? it’s the treadmill of life

    Times: life’s a smooth sailing & well
    N’ times: I wonder if it’s heaven or hell

    This morning I had a meeting to attend
    It was in an area I was unfamiliar with
    Getting there is just another dead end

    N’ as I usually do when I have a doubt
    I brought along Jenna to help me out

    Traffic & drivers response was unfair
    Frantic & I just wanted to get there
    Angry motorists horns began to blare

    For every sign Jenna made a trace
    Got there but never found the place

    Awful & UT tried to help me through
    Miserable enough to make you blue

    We had hamburgers on our way home
    Enjoyed spring scenery full of bloom

    After a Mexican food and Ice-cream
    Had a good sleep and a nice dream

    Woke up & no longer feeling insane
    Sheila made me look human again

  5. salam3lykom ..heyy .. me afnan again.. love reading your blog randomly, its a good side tracker while trying to study lol, anyways .. this sheila lady is she the american lady married to a libyan kind of an old lady really sweet, cuts womens hair in her flat?
    random question i know but i recognise the name and when you said shes back just thought it might be the same lady, she was soo sweet if it is the same person lol gave me a different hair style i got to say it was... diffffffeeernntt.. at the time i didn't really like it,but looking back it was rather funky lol very 60's and i was only 17 at the time and very tom-boyish
    p.s im really not anonymous lool i soo have to get my account bk
    thnks again :D

  6. Sure missed you at the meeting , but was less restless after hearing you got home safe and sound.Alhamdulilah.

    Never knew you could say a bad word lol....took me by surprise !

    Take care


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