Friday, April 04, 2008

An afternoon in Rega'at

I took three of my kids and Tara to Bate's Mountain in Rega'at this afternoon. The weather was overcast but nice. The kids and I walked up the mountain and Tara attacked it with her bike. It was the first time she'd ever been there.

Finally Tara ditched the bike and we climbed up to the peak and took in the view.

Conquering the mountain made me realize how out of shape I am these days. I huffed and puffed my way to the top. The kids beat us to the top - they are like little mountain goats. Tara got to the summit and I snapped her picture with her arms waving triumphantly in the air. We had a lovely afternoon.


  1. Hey Khadija do u still have my e-mail adress?I need some help..thanks...
    lovely pics....

  2. Loved the pictures of Bates Moutain. I would enjoy seeing a few more if you have them. That flat valley with the farms was really nice. Could you pin down the location a little more for us who are not familiar with the area?
    I enjoy your pictures and information about Libya. I hope to see it for myself when the regulations open up. Thanks for the first person accounts until then.

  3. Thank you Teri for gettin me back on my bike. I know we are heading to Nalut this thursday but I'm dreading it because my tendon still isn't quite right. There are so many place s to mountain bike here, it pisses me off that I can't attack them the way I would if I hadn't hurt myself. Just want to thank you for being such a wonderful friend and inspiration to me. We are going to Nalut and I'm gonna bring my bike, I wish I could ramp shit and haul, but I just can't. I've never had such a horrible injury in my life and it's really pissing me off. Anyhow, I'm sure Debbie's brother in law is still laughing about the fact that he was riding through town in a Jeep with the top off with me singing: Walaraf,,, Tamer Hosni! Whom I LOVE BY THE WAY...and Tarek AlTaieb

  4. leyal... I sent you an email.. did you get it?

    lenora... you'll find more pics of Rega'at in my flickr account...

    tankgirl... you'll get a bit better each time you ride. You've come a long, long way on your road to recovery. I am looking forward to Nalut! Debbie's Bro-in-law looked like he was having so much fun... I don't think he wanted to get out of the jeep... lol..

  5. Woow nice, thx teri for refreshing us with these sweet news, it would be wonderful if there is more pics.. where is this place??, .. Oh you shamles tara hehehehe, shame shame on girl to ride bike..By the way,, salamat salamt for recovering from malta operation..I'd Envy Tamer Hosni!!.. and even may think to convert my careeer into Singer!.

    take care teri.. have a nice trip all of you, n looking forward to see more pics of the celebration.. also pls say Thumps down to the butterfly "tankgirl".. ViCtOr..


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