Sunday, November 04, 2007

Work in Progress!

There are banners up all around the Medina in Tripoli proclaiming the area's renovation projects. Actually work has been underway for quite some time now.

The Medina is part of Libya's heritage and deserves to be preserved, not only as an attraction for tourism but mostly for the pride of Libya's citizens. The ancient sites and mosques contained in the old city as well as the bazaars are visited and utilized daily by both tourists and local people. Preservation of the area is key to its continued existence.

The city dates back to the 7th century BC when it was founded by the Phoenicians and named Oea. Its name changed over the years; the Romans called the city Regio Syrtica and later Regio Tripolitana which in modern times became known as Tripoli, the Arabic pronunciation being Tarabulis. The Medina has been continuously inhabited and evidence of the ancient Roman and Ottomon periods as well as the more recent Italian colonial period are readily evident throughout the city.

Marcus Aurelius Arch constructed during the Roman period. A mosque from the Ottoman period that is being worked on can be seen in the background.

Adjacent to the Old City is the Green Square. This building from the Italian colonial era faces the square. Scaffolding is cleverly covered with netting that is imprinted with how the final renovations will appear.

One main problem seen is the amount of time it takes to restore buildings back to their original appearance. In some areas the work has been going on for over a year, causing shopkeepers to lose money as well as being possible sources of safety hazards. Importance must be placed on completing the projects in a timely manner.

Another banner.

Mind you don't fall!

This area of the Medina's bazaar has the roof falling in. Certainly this would deter visitors who might fear for their safety by passing underneath.

This area directly behind the Red Castle has been torn up for well over a year. It is the main gateway leading to the Old City.

More views of the area. The taxpaying shopkeepers in this area have been losing revenue because the road has been torn up for so long.


  1. wonderfull coverage aany news about the old medinawhat goes on ,any pits here and there. as why and whats in it.

  2. Just to point that Tripoli was founded in 7th Century BC, I'm sure it was a typing mistake. I noticed that the Medina works are giving good results at some parts, but the digging works has no organization whatsoever. Regarding the banners of Benghazi;they are being destroyed by Ghibli before any works actually started!

  3. It will be great when it's all finished! I really enjoyed my short trip to Libya, and yesterday I saw a BBC programme following 2 filmstars (Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman) on a trip through Africa, who were just knocked out by Leptis Magna, as anyone would be. Libya has such a lot to offer but as you say, things should be restored for the locals and not just us pampered tourists.

  4. All this pictures bring back so much memories!
    It reminds me how much I miss living there...
    It is a shame that renovations take so long (especially the diging in the Medina). Having worked there, I can imagine the loop of nonpayment, no construction... I hope there will be a leap forward soon.


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