Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Off on an Escapade

I'm hoping to go off tomorrow on an adventure.

It's a holiday tomorrow (Thanksgiving) but I'm not going to be doing any holiday celebrating... at least I don't think so. There will be NO CHILDREN OR HUSBAND involved in this adventure either.

Eventually I may decide to get around to blogging about my mysterious adventure... I'll let you wait in suspense...

I'm going to further drive you crazy by not allowing any comments on this post. Lately people have been abusing the comment feature of my blog and let me tell you this:


So have a nice Thanksgiving for all of you who celebrate it - Stuff your tummies with delicious turkey, creamy gravy and sinfully rich pie! Mmmmm yummy! Enjoy your families and count your many blessings.

For the abusers of the comment section of my blog:

I'm off.... having an adventure... be back soon... maybe....

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