Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I feel awful

I've got the flu. It's been ages since I've had the flu and I had forgotten how miserable it makes you feel. This morning I didn't get out of bed until about eleven o'clock (instead of the usual seven). Of course the whole time I was trying to sleep hubby kept coming in and telling me I had to get up, insisting the whole time that I was just being lazy and I was imagining that I was sick. Mothers are never allowed to be sick (his opinion, not mine).

I dragged myself into the kitchen thinking if I downed a cup of coffee or two I would feel better. Did it work? No.

I'm going to get something from the pharmacy around the corner. I am too busy to be sick. I have a million things to do. I will push myself through the day and collapse at the end of it.

I feel awful.


  1. Only one thing to do: lotsa rest and lotsa water.
    If you REST and DRINK you will be fine in no time.
    If you WORK and STRESS you will be laid back in no time.
    Tell hubby dr. Mark said that ;-)

  2. salam
    having a flu its the worst u can go through. wish u speed recovery,maybe its time for flu jap
    sorry to say this abt ur hubby, but what would he said if it was his mother who suffering frm flu,hope u will not spread it to the rest of the family,

  3. Dear Khadija,
    I am an American married to a lybian. I love reading your blog because it gives me many insights into the lybian culture. You are a strong and intelligent woman. However, I have a question since you seem unhappy most of the time with your life in Lybia. Why do you remain there? Are you unable to leave or take your children out of the country. Just curious.

  4. anonymous... who says I am unhappy here? I live a normal life - dealing with kids, schools, husbands, in-laws.. that's something people do everywhere in the world. I have a business to run, wonderful students to teach and adventures all the time. I think if I lived in the US my life would be boring (and no one would be so interested in reading about my life on a blog then).

    There are negative things about life in Libya - but I think there are negative aspects to living anywhere. I just take life and get on with it. I don't have to like everything around me to be happy. There is no utopia...

  5. Salaam Khadija,
    I'm a British Muslim and I find it interesting reading your blogs as well (they are funny to be honest).
    No doubt you have taken a big brave step to move to Libya and I wish you all the best.
    I think your hubby need's to be a bit more considerate, if it was my wife that was in bed with flu, I'll be bringing her coffee/tea and would make sure she has a good rest. But he seems a nice person :)

  6. Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him once said: "Heaven Lies Under The Feet Of The Mother"
    so be proud of urself n never get upset.

    I hope ur feeling better today.



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